BSMH Ethics Help Line
Speak Up!

You should speak up if you are aware of conduct or practices that you believe are contrary to Bon Secours Mercy Health’s (BSMH) Code of Conduct or an associate’s Compliance obligations.
BSMH has resources available if you have questions or concerns about Code of Conduct matters. You can communicate your concerns in any of the following three ways:
Speak to your direct supervisor or your supervisor’s manager.
Speak to your Compliance Market Representative.
Should you need to complete a Conflicts of Interest Disclsoure form, please contact the compliance department at
Submit a question or on-line report to the BSMH Ethics Help Line 24/7 using one of the following:
If you have any HR‐related questions or concerns, please reach out directly to at 1‐877‐692‐7780, Option #2 or your designated .
Report issues and events relating to clinical matters in .
Concerns about the safety or quality of care provided may be reported to The Joint Commission.
Retaliation is when an individual (or a group of individuals) tries to cause harm, create unnecessary barriers, intimidate or otherwise “get back” at someone for carrying out their responsibilities under the Code.
BSMH has a policy of no tolerance for any form of retaliation against someone who reports a concern in good faith.
No tolerance for retaliation applies to:
●  Direct as well as indirect retaliation.
Retaliation is when a manager or associate acts against an associate, when that associate files a bona fide complaint under our policies or assists in a complaint investigation.
●   Actions as well as threats of actions.
●   Actions by supervisors as well as by co‐workers.
It takes courage to speak up when something is not right. BSMH values and encourages honest discussion about concerns that are raised. Report any form of retaliation to your manager, CRO or to the Ethics Help Line. Retaliation could result in discipline and even dismissal.
Associates throughout BSMH also receive special training in the federal HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations that protect the privacy and security of patient health information, and they are held accountable for abiding by them. Here is a list of some of the HIPAA Privacy & Security Prohibited Actions as well as the Confidentiality and Security Agreement and the Acceptable Use policy.
BSMH is committed to assuring that actual and potential conflicts of interest are disclosed, avoided and/or appropriately managed.
●   Review our Conflicts of Interest Policy
BSMH Board members, Board Committee members, all senior and executive leaders and other key management personnel throughout the System, including physicians in certain leadership roles, should complete the attached Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Form upon hire and annually thereafter. Edits or questions may be directed at
BSMH is committed to ensure that individuals seeking examination or treatment at BSMH facilities will receive a Medical Screening Examination (MSE) by a physician or other Qualified Medical Personnel (QMP) to determine whether the individual has an Emergency Medical Condition (EMC); and, if so stabilizing treatment or an appropriate Transfer to another facility.
●   Review our EMTALA Policy for further details.